ZincNyx Receives Grant from Government of Alberta


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ZincNyx Energy Solutions, Inc. receives grant from Government of Alberta

Vancouver, British Columbia – July 3, 2015:   ZincNyx Energy Solutions, Inc. has been awarded $250,000 from Alberta Innovates Energy and Environment Solutions (AI-EES). This funding will be used to enhance the development of ZincNyx’s zinc-air fuel cell and prioritize the development of larger systems for deployment in Alberta’s micro generation systems.

“We appreciate the recognition from AI-ESS of our energy storage system’s potential and the benefits it can bring to Alberta and the rest of the world,” said ZincNyx President & CEO, Suresh Singh. “The ZincNyx system will eliminate the variability and unpredictability inherent in renewable energy sources such as wind and solar and provide consistent clean energy,” added Singh.


Alberta Innovates Energy and Environment Solutions works with innovative organizations in the energy and environment sector with a focus on sustainable energy.




About ZincNyx Energy Solutions, Inc.:

ZincNyx Energy Solutions, Inc. is a Canadian company that has developed a modular energy storage system (ESS) designed to deliver backup power in the range of 5 kW to 1 MW over extended periods of time. This innovative regenerative zinc-air flow battery can be scaled from kilowatt to megawatt range to provide energy firming for renewables (solar and wind), energy storage for remote microgrids, commercial and industrial applications, as well as more traditional battery backup usage.